Feature Dog of the Month: Angus

Hi, I’m Angus, a flat coated retriever– I live in Saltcoats with mum and dad, 6 cats and my 2 flatcoat brothers Robbie and Dougal. I am just over 4 years old, my brother Robbie is almost 4, and Dougal, the baby, is 2 years old. I am black as is Dougal and Robbie is brown or liver coloured. We all do agility and train with others friends weekly – and we do obedience training once a week. Mum trains with us regularly in the back garden using the jumps and the weave when there is enough daylight –at weekends in the winter or after our walk in the summer.

Robbie and Dougal did flyball training but didn’t move on to competition standard but they loved the training and had loads of fun. Mums said she likes to have a lie in on a Sunday now. We used to compete at dog shows and I have been placed at a number of shows, I have a stud book number and I was placed 4th in my class at Crufts in 2010 – but mum thought that I wasn’t having enough fun so she stopped doing that type of show and decided to concentrate on agility. Good choice mum!!

I used to be the only one in my house that worked and competed at agility but now we all do it – must confess I used to love my weekends with mum all to myself but now I have to share again. We all have fun and do well and try our best for mum and she always seems happy with us.

I started to compete last year in April 2010 – I drove mum mad – Auntie Ros was with us when I was running in my first class, she was standing getting a coffee at the catering van then she saw a black flash running by and she chased me back into the ring!  I had such a lot of fun – but mum was a bit cross with me – but I always win her over, she’s a soft touch really!! I now compete at grade 3 in agility as do Robbie and Dougal – they had to enter at that grade because of the rules – it’s quite hard for them but we will get there, we try really hard for mum. I have my silver agility warrant and I am 25% on the way to gold so I would like to get that next year.

We are all well looked after when mum is working as we have a dog walker so we get out and get exercise and then mum comes home and walks us – it’s a dog’s life ♥

I or one of my brothers looks forward to keeping you up to date with our achievements in the future. I hope you enjoyed learning about us so far xx

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