Feature Dog of the Month: Cruz

Hi everyone, my name is Cruz (Cruz Missile is my KC name and everyone who knows me will agree that my mum certainly picked well when she chose that one!)

I am almost 3 years old (birthday is 02 Feb if anyone wants to buy me anything… squeaky toy or squeaky ball or squeaky anything really!) but you would never know it… I am still a baby mum says and I don’t think she believes I will ever become a sensible adult dog ha!


I live with mum, dad and my sister Fly, who is nearly 10 now, and my brother Scout, who will be 7 in May, we are all collies. When I was old enough, Mum started taking me to agility classes…wow, did I love them! I started competing at real KC agility shows last year and I had to start in Grade 3 because my smartass brother had won Grade 1 and Grade 2 and my Mum isn’t allowed to enter a dog below Grade 3 now…:( Maybe this year I might get a clear round – as so far the course I take doesn’t agree with the one mum wants me to do. I think that’s what is causing the problem, she wants to follow all the little numbers in the right order….but I must be doing something right, as the others in the queue smile when I run and I also give the judges a laugh…

I started flyball last year and just love it, mum lets me run by myself over the jumps and as long as I bring her the ball and come back over the jumps, she is really pleased with me :o) (hhmmm…wish she would let me run the agility course on my own!)
I haven’t been doing flyball very long, but I am hoping to be in a team this year and maybe even run in a Crufts qualifier, keep your fingers crossed for me……..

Luv Cruz

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