Feature Dog of the Month: Pip

I’m Pip, a 7 year old beautiful Border collie bitch. I live with my younger (although much bigger) brother Sam and I never really grew into those ears. Life started for me in Kilmarnock and at the tender age of 6 weeks I moved to live with mum.  We adored each other instantly (still do).

I really am a typical collie – athletic, energetic and very intelligent.

I’m happy with my own company though and never stray to say a friendly hello to other dogs or people on walks – mum says I have ‘nae social skills’.  To be honest I would have been quite happy as a one dog, one person household – just a shame mum hadn’t worked this out before deciding to give me a wee brother!

I do a fabulous job at ensuring seat belts are on in cars, in fact I make it my personal responsibility to spin around in the boot biting mid air in a kind of frantic action as soon as occupants reach for their belt.  I also like to ‘pretend bite’ most cars as they ‘whizz’ past.  This can be most upsetting to fellow passengers enduring this on route to an agility show at 6am for what can sometimes be 3 hours! ……….Sorry Cruz and Scout.

I also take seriously the role of water monitor in the house ensuring the water bowl is fully topped up – frantically licking the bottom of the empty bowl if not (mum hates this).

I absolutely hate getting brushed (hair and teeth) or having my paws touched.  I also have an aversion to people sneezing loudly, the Hoover and anything flapping overhead – complex is certainly my middle name.

I can be quite intense and I give everything my all – there are no half measures.

Then there’s agility – the one thing I truly live for! Flyball was great fun but my one true love is definitely agility. I’m currently competing at grade 6 and have had a fabulous career so far, moving from grade 1-3 within a season and 3–6 the following season.  Hopefully there will be future success and as long as there’s agility in my life I’ll remain one happy girl!

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