Feature Dog of The Month: Poppy

Hello my name is Poppy and I am a 14 month old black Labrador.  I have been with my ‘pack’ for one year and they seem to love me to bits!  I am very enthusiastic about everything (especially chicken and cheese!)  I love to play with the kids and am very good at bursting footballs.  If the boys play football in the front garden then I pretend that I am on springs and leap vertically up and down in the air to see what is going on – my Mum thinks I am going to take off like a helicopter one day!


I love going for walks, at the beach – where I can swim, by the river – where I can swim, by lochs – where I can swim, along the lanes – where there are muddy puddles that I can swim in, basically anywhere that I can get wet and mucky!  I am learning to run alongside my Mum when she is on her bike – although I can’t understand why she won’t let me attack her wheels as it’s so much fun.  I am learning to do all sorts of things at my Obedience training class – sometimes I am really good but sometimes its just more fun to be naughty!  However I did win a lovely rosette for 9th place in the Pre-Beginners class at the show in June (my Mum was really proud of me!)

I am also learning to be a Working Dog – this means that I go out with my Master and his gun.  It is so exciting that I am shaking with excitement when we go and when we come home I can’t wait until the next time!  I am also going to try Agility (when I am big enough) and I can’t wait!  I would quite like to have puppies one day – but that will be when I am a grown up dog!

Autumn is my favourite time of year as I love chasing the leaves when the wind blows them around – fun, fun, fun.  Basically I am a very good natured, fun loving dog who adores the kids (and chicken or cheese) and my ‘pack’ wouldn’t be without me – despite all the hair and muddy paw prints that I leave all over the floor!

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