Feature Dog of the Month: Flora

I was born on a farm in Girvan to working sheepdog parents (though Dad is convinced a Jack Russell was involved) in August 2009 and went to stay with Bernadette and Ronnie and their two big boys not long after that.
To begin with Mum was working so Dad did most of the work getting my basic training up to speed, then we joined Prestwick and District Dog Training Club when I was about three months old.
We started obedience classes with Alison. I’m good at all the basics like downstay┬Ł but have never seen the point of heel work and have no interest in looking at Mum when there’s all those great livercake crumbs on the floor.
Then in the middle of September last year we discovered flyball!!
To begin with I was terrified of the box but Joe was very patient and we persevered for ages. Eventually I realised it wouldn’t bite and it gave me a BALL. Now I love it and get really excited when we start. I hate when I’m not joining in and now bark which is not like me at all but it’s SO EXCITING!
In the middle of October we started agility beginners training. This is great fun too. I can do everything; jumping, contacts, tunnels. The only problem is Mum.
She gets lost in the middle of the course, doesn’t give me proper instructions where to go next and can’t keep up with me. I’ve tried giving her a nip like I would a sheep but she clearly disapproves of that so I’d better stop. I’ll just have to hope she improves soon.
I’m really glad we discovered P&DDTC!

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