Class Structure
Classes cost £3.50, at Craig-Wilson Auctioneers, Auction Mart Concourse.

*New Dogs and Puppies up to 1 Year Old
6.30 to 7.15pm

7.15 to 8.00pm

8.00 to 8.45pm

8.45 to 9.30pm

*New dogs will be moved up if they exceed the level of training of the puppy class.

Ayr Cattle Market,
Whitefordhill on the A70,

Prestwick Obedience Show
Prestwick and District DTC will be holding our KC Obedience Show on 17th-18th of June at Rozelle Park in Ayr. It will be our 50th Anniversary! The show can be entered on the Obedience UK website.

Good Citizen Dog Club Awards
This is a Kennel Club Scheme which the club will offer on a regular basis as part of our usual obedience training programme. The aims of the award are to produce a dog who will walk and behave on the lead in a controlled manner, will stay on command and return when called. The dog should also allow its owner to groom and inspect it for injury and generally behave well (and not like a Canine Hooligan!) The scheme also aims to provide handlers with basic knowledge about ownership, handling and training their dog. The Awards are available at different levels starting with a Bronze then progressing to Silver and Gold. Once the Bronze is achieved there is also the opportunity to take part in GCDS classes at Shows. Further details of the test requirements can be found at www.thekennelclub.org.uk.
Click on the relevant award to find out more about the Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards.

Further Information
The first night you attend the Club we ask that you pay the training fee of £3.50 and if you decide you wish to join, you will be given the relevant paperwork to complete for the following week.

Membership of the club is currently £20 for single membership, £25 for a family membership, £10 for senior or junior membership. All members pay the same training fee of £3.50 per dog.

Our classes are ongoing and are not done over a set period of weeks so this allows you to stay with us a long as you feel you and your puppy or dog need.

All members are given the opportunity to progress to our later classes which offer more advanced training and will cover everything you need to know to ensure a happy obedient dog.

Contact Us
– Marie Hamilton 07890511382

Or just come along!

P&DDTC club employs motivational training methods and does not support harsh handling. Handlers are encouraged to reinforce desired behaviours rather than punish unwanted ones using food and/or toys as a reward.