Obedience Training Changes

As some members are aware the committee has decided to change the club’s obedience trainer, and this has also necessitated a change of night to Wednesday.

This decision was reached after careful consideration over many months. There were also discussions with our current trainer about possible changes to our current approach.

Committee members have received feedback from many people that our obedience training was not meeting their needs to help develop well behaved companion dogs. While those members interested in more advanced training for competition seemed satisfied, they were in the minority. Therefore in order to meet the needs of as many people as possible, and to improve attendance, we decided to make the change.

Our new trainer, Alison Hunter, has worked with the club in the past and is focussed on helping people train their dogs to be well-behaved family pets, and also to help prepare dogs for further training in, for example, Flyball or Agility. Her classes will be active and fun and provide opportunities for socialisation for both dogs and handlers!

Wednesday classes will commence on November 18th 2015.

We are very sorry that these changes will disrupt some members’ obedience training and have discussed with our current trainer the possibility of future workshops or short courses for those interested in competitive obedience.

In the meantime we hope as many of you as possible will come on Wednesdays and enjoy training with your dog.

Marie Hamilton

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