Well Done to Awards Winners of 2018

A huge congratulations to all those who won club awards this year. Presenting:


Dog of the Year won by Louise Gunning with Roxy presented by John Munro, Vice Chair.


Guide Dog Trophy won by Maureen Miller and Jasper for best Club member in Obedience show, presented by obedience show secretary Karin Otto.


The Taz Trophy for best Veteran Dog was won by Alex Cook and Holly.


John Hunter and Rosie won the Midge Memorial Trophy for most improved Flyball ‘Starter’ Dog.


The Tara Shield for most improved Flyball dog went to Miley with handler Chris Gunning, presented by Flyball trainer Angela Kelly.


Jessica Bunyan with Sully won the Savana’s Salver for best Pet Handler, presented by Obedience trainer Alison Hunter.


Julia Morton with Misty won the Katy Quaich for best Junior Handler in Obedience.


Linda McGhee with Rory won the Eilidh & Nell Cup for most improved Newcomer in Agility, presented by agility trainer Lorna Stuart.


The Yakima Runner Trophy for best Agility Handler and Dog was won by Ros McKay and Seren.

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